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This studio course surveys the many ways in which contemporary artists respond to, remake, and intervene in places, and teaches students to articulate their own creative responses to place. We will be working intensively in Providence’s Jewelry District, collaboratively creating a public artwork and developing each person’s creative practice in response to the narrative and aesthetic prompts of this contested space. The course will culminate in a final exhibition of student projects curated by the students themselves.

Prof. Betsey Biggs

Adj Marshall
Chris Johnson-Roberson
Claire Kwong
Dia Barghouti
Elysian McNiff
Emily Bryant
Eve Blazo
Jamie Marsicano
Jenny Sparks
Josephine Devanbu
Judy Park
Kristy Choi
Lizzie Stanton
Nick Gomez-Hall

21 October 11

Week 8: Lee Walton

Lee Walton is an American artist whose work includes drawing, concept based systems, performance, video art, net art, and public projects; he sometimes refers to himself as an ‘experientialist’. Many of his works consist of himself or actors creating unannounced performances in public spaces, and are subsequently shown as photographs or videos.

See more performances at Lee Walton’s website

The photograph above is from his Momentary Performances project. Check out the blog - it’s a good peek not only into a really fun project, but into what went into the making of it.

Read an essay about his work in Big, Red & Shiny.

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